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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trash & Recycling Totes

Hello Prides Crossing Community!
Over the past few weeks we have seen more and more concerns when it comes to trash totes in the community.

Waste Management Drivers have been reporting a few issues when servicing the Prides Crossing HOA.

#1.  The drivers have been reporting trash and recycling bags and carts outside of the WM issued carts (non Waste Management Totes) have been on the curb to service.  According to the agreement between WM and the HOA, we are only to service the trash and recycling inside the WM issued carts.  Other trash totes are not compatible with WM Trucks.  As mentioned in the Announcement of the Prides Crossing transition of Totes Letter (March 16, 2016), one free standard tote and one free recycle tote were offered to residents as a part of HOA dues.  Additional totes must be leased or purchased directly through Waste Management.  Continued placement of non WM totes will no longer be emptied going forward.  If you need to procure additional totes, please contact WM customer service at 800.482.6406 or 303.797.1600.

#2.  We have been having issues with the residents not placing the carts onto the street and instead placing the carts on the curb.  Drivers are unable to grab the carts with the arms of the truck when there are vehicles or trailers blocking access to the totes.  This additional process makes the trash pickup take longer and run inefficiently in service the HOA to our top standards.

#3.  WM will only service the waste inside the trash and recycling totes from this point going forward.  Boxes, bags, toilets or any other debris that cannot fir inside a tote will not be picked up a WM employee.  All other such items are considered an Large Item Pickup and Owners are required to provide a credit card to Waste Management, and pay in advance based upon weight of materials needing a separate pick up.

Thank you,
Waste Management and your Prides Crossing Board of Directors

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