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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Waste Management Recycling Update

Dear Community,

The volume of trash mixed with recycling is at an all-time high and this is creating serious problems for the entire recycling industry. The buyers of recycling materials at home and abroad are demanding much higher levels of quality. This is prompted by new policies in China, which have banned certain materials and set contamination levels at less than 1%.
Because of these significant market changes, we are intensely focused on increasing quality to ensure the long-term sustainability of our recycling programs.
When trash, food, liquids and other non-recyclable items (contamination) end up in your recycling, they can ruin an entire load of good recyclable materials. Contaminated recyclables can't be reused for new products - they must be picked out and disposed instead. Plastic bags, wires, hoses and other tanglers get stuck in our machinery and bring operations to a halt while workers cut them off. Contamination raises recycling costs back to the HOA.  We currently Contract at $12.68 per door/per month due to the buying power of your HOA.  Saving you almost 128% over normal costs.
We need your active, ongoing help to keep recycling sustainable. Please ensure your recycling stream is clean and free of contaminants. Follow these three easy rules:
#1: Recycle clean bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard
#2: Keep food and liquid out
#3: No plastic bags, do not bag recyclables

Please contact us if you want a PDF file with the current list of what's recyclable. For additional recycling tools, visit

Thank you for doing your part to recycle the right way. With your commitment, we can continue to send recyclable materials to their next best use and help preserve our precious natural resources.

Your Waste Management HOA Support Team

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