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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Recent HOA Trash concerns

Good Day Prides Crossing Community!

I have received some recent emails and calls from the residents providing concern for trash/recycling services within the Community.  Those concerns have been due to a lack of pickup of trash bags not placed within the trash totes, not picking up trash totes that are non-Waste Management branded totes (i.e. owner purchased at a local hardware store), to even being charged to lease an additional tote, or having to procure an additional tote when their family trash exceeds a single standard trash tote, to being charged a Large Item Pickup Fee when requesting a pickup of storm debris, landscape clippings etc.

Please see referenced Community notice (below) that was also sent via postal mail and email to the Community back in 2016 with specific Rules & Requirements to the new Waste Management Contract and what we as residents would soon experience as regular service:


March 31th, 2016

Dear Prides Crossing Homeowner,

Recently the Board of Directors for Prides Crossing updated the contract for your waste and recycling services. 

Included in your service rate is (1) 96 gall waste container and (1) 96 gall recycle container (yellow lid). These containers are only compatible with our WM trucks; the arm of the truck will not be able to pick-up a customer-owned container.  If a homeowner wants an extra waste or recycle container, they are available at $5.00 per container, per month (this is billed directly to the homeowner). All waste and recycle items must be in the container.  Do not deposit bagged trash next to the waste or recycle containers.

If you do not currently have a WM waste container or WM recycle container, one will be delivered to you on Saturday, April 2, 2016.  For those homeowners that have a damaged or broken WM waste container that needs to be swapped out, please have your WM waste container on the curb by 6 AM, Saturday, April 2, 2016 and the driver will swap it out. If you prefer a smaller 64 gall waste container please contact send an email not to

Your waste and recycle service day is on Tuesday.  The Recycling Schedule is located on the Prides Crossing Website under “Other Links”.

Waste & Recycling Service Reminders

1.        Make sure your containers are on the street, one foot in front of the curb and at least 
4-feet from obstructions (like parked cars, mailboxes, trees, etc.)

2.        The handle side should be facing the house with lid opening toward the street.

3.        Avoid parking cars within 20-feet of containers, as the driver will not be able to empty
your container if it is blocked.

4.        Containers must be at the curbside by 7 AM.

5.        No appliances, tires, batteries, or other flammable and hazardous materials.

Feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 800-482-6406 or 303-797-1600 with any questions.

Thanks for being a valued Waste Management customer.


Julie Fanning

Residential Solutions Representative / Four Corners Market Area

As identified in the letter, trash must be within the totes to be picked up.  Trash left next to the totes will not be picked up.  Off-brand owner purchased totes from a local hardware store are not going to be accepted.  If an Owner needed additional totes, they could be leased and/or purchased directly by the owner.

Since 2016 the economy has gotten better an unemployment has decreased causing Waste Management and other Trash Utility Providers to change their business processes with number of vehicle crew members from 4-individuals down to one single driver having everything become as automated as possible.  Global economy, changes in trade markets, and recycling have also impacted many trash services vendors to search to other ways of reducing loss.

These processes currently experienced were steady changes that didn't just happen overnight within Prides Crossing and other HOA's... these process changes were years in the making.  The time of varied waste is now more than ever previous time a homeowner responsibility to manage and reduce to mitigate household charges for such services.

Please keep in mind that the current contract runs from 2016 through 2021 and then the Board will seek proposals and possibly at that time vendors will offer more services like they did in the past... but today the economy & contract is what they are.  Again, these items should be no surprise to residents.


Shane Lussier - Managing agent for Prides Crossing Master Association

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